Brushes & Combs

Baxter & Bella 2 in 1 Double Sided Deshedder & 2 Row Rake Comb
CAD $25.99
This 2-in-1 double row shedding rake & blade helps to reduce shedding. It can work through mats ..
Baxter & Bella 9 Blade De-Matter
CAD $14.99
This 9-blade dematting rake is perfect for detangling and dematting. Suitable for use on breeds with..
Baxter & Bella Double Sided Comb
CAD $8.99
An excellent tool for breaking up and removing mats. Recommended for long-haired, double-coated bree..
Baxter & Bella Fine Massage Brush
CAD $10.99
Firm yet flexible rubber bristles, suitable for all types of fur. Excellent for shampooing and durin..
Baxter & Bella Oval Head Slicker
CAD $11.99
This amazing brush penetrates your dog’s coat, removing mats and undercoat to create smooth tangle-f..
Baxter & Bella Pin Brush
CAD $8.99
Brushing the coat with this is the most important step of the grooming process and for best results ..
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